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Release notes
Product: mecFLEET
Release Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Previous Version:


·        Quickview

o   Load sensorboard info

o   Rename UVV columns to "Hauptuntersuchung/UVV" and also add column "Hauptuntersuchung/UVV" as default to object type "object"

·        Activity

o   Export grid with empty data

o   Persist filters of grid list

·        Alerts

o   Admin users were not able to duplicate rules

·        Places

o   Export

o   Object types into the grid

·        Tours

o   Export content from grid

o   Enable filter by expired/cancelled tours

o   Persist date filters

·        Alerts

o   Enable user to add DEVICE_ID tag on notifications

o   Increase number of tags which can be used by the customer to create an Alert

·        Reports

o   Order results by event time

·        General

o   Spelling corrections

o   Adapt layout to all screens

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