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Release notes
Product: mecFLEET
Release Date: Friday, October 17, 2014
Previous Version:



·        Dynamic groups

o   Dynamic groups might be easier created in the Admin / Groups page.

·        Damages

o   New default damage type for 'swap trailer'.

o   When submitting a claim or revision, an email is sent to user and the station manager.

·        Damage type

o   Assign damage type to a different customer.

·        Control by user for external third party interface providers (overall, mecFLEET supports >22 interfaces)

o   New interface configuration on Admin

o   Support for Cargobull Telematics

o   Support for tomtom webfleet

o   Support for Daimler Fleetboard

o   Support for OnixSat

o   Support for MAN TeleMatics

o   Support for Transics

·        Users

o   Generate access key for automatic access (no login necessary).

·        Customization

o   Set default groups for newly paired or unpaired object.

·        Service garage

o   New tool for updating object maintenance data.

o   Set odometer

o   Set service odometer

o   Set maintenance date

o   Published ~/ServiceGarage

2        CHANGES

·        Map Icons

o   The object pushpins icon were changed to the following meaning:

§  Black: Good position (GPS  3D)

§  Dark blue: Week position (GPS 2D)

§  Light blue: Approximate position (Cell ID)

§  Grey: Last known location (device transmits without current GPS)

§  Red: Offline (Device does not transmit)/span>

§  Red Triangle: Alert by device (Alarm / Crash sensor) -> not related to Alert rules

·        Tours

o   Routes tab has been renamed to “Tours”.

·        Devices

o   Active devices cannot be deleted (if transmission within last 24h then "active").

o   Replace buttons by hyperlinks.

·        API

o   The extend position properties were included in the position data.

o   Changed position ID to 64bit integer.

o   Limit access for objects on Objects.asmx and Positions.asmx for non-admin users.

o   Documentation review and published on ~/API/Documentation/mecFLEET API.docx

o   New version available on ~/API/

·        Customization

o   The resources might be set by the customer.

o   White labels for copyright.

o   Set URL for privacy statement, terms of use, help.

o   Removed MECOMO logo from bing maps and google maps. MECOMO logo on OSM because this map type has been actually designed by MECOMO (but no link on logo).

o   New red theme

·        Devices IO

o   The inputs might be remapped to different indexes.

·        Groups

o   The group type is not included in list columns.

·        Rules

o   Validate rules before save. Example: Do not allow create rules when it is never be true or actions are remove and add to same group.

·        Map

o   On the selection mode, enter key "add object" to list.

·        POI

o   The deleted items might be recovered.

o   Display / hide geo-fences.

·        Geo-fences

o   The deleted items might be recovered.

·        Accessibility grid

o   Standard component used on Places, Rules, Report Generator, POI's and Geo-fence.

·        Sensorboard IO

o   Add reefer fields.

o   Add analog input.

·        Alerts

o   Ignore bad GPS position when checking geo-fence rules conditions.

o   The dynamic group action were removed from alerts page.

·        Places

o   Create new status for offline, no GPS and unpaired.

o   Do not allow assign private POIs to Places.

·        Messages

o   The layout was changed.

·        Objects

o   The service odometer is linked to the object and not the device.

o   When pairing, the odometer is configured on the new device.

o   The quick view button was added to the list.

·        Setting

o   New column for humidity, shock and light.

·        Users

o   The user might be linked to an object.

o   When changing the name, the linked object is also changed.

3        BUG FIXES

·        Tours

o   Selection now work on send notice.

o   Route was not being displayed on show panel.

·        Tours Type

o   Bug fix user access roles.

·        Activities

o   Finished and cancelled are not editable.

o   The object distance is correctly calculated.

·        Messages

o   Bug fix list and send.

·        Map

o   Removed multiple pin for same object on map.

o   Export list / groups were not being displayed.

o   Fixed shared group when created on map page.

o   Groups select popup was not working.

·        Damages

o   Bug fix when company doesn't have damage type.

·        Object type

o   Parent type name was wrong.

·        Groups

o   Select all was not working.

·        Group sharing

o   Bug fix date/time and access to an user which already have this group.

·        Bing maps

o   Map was being centered on last POI.

o   Map key control was fixed.

·        Devices

o   Export function is now working.

·        Customization

o   The inputs text length is not limited to correct size.

o   Bug fix generic error was being displayed when links were empty.

o   mecTRACE logo was not saved.

·        Device Configuration

o   The popup size is fixed.

·        Report Generator

o   The schedule time does not change on daylight savings.

o   The color scheme is loaded correctly.

·        Report

o   The battery level is now included in the export.

·        My Account

o   Allow access to all tabs when in trial.

·        Deactivation service

o   Bug fix: multiple emails sent.

·        Setting

o   TThe default columns is displayed on the map settings.

·        Time zone

o   The time fields on the grids are displayed according the user browser.


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