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Release notes
Product: mecFLEET
Release Date: Thursday, April 16, 2015
Previous Version:



·        Object List

o   Additional functions available by object context menu.

o   Details page shows last 10 places where object had been.

o   New entry 'object report' allows flexible report for selected object without leaving 'Map' page (i.e. no re-load of object list).

·        Object relations

o   Object can be related as “A drives B”, “A carries B” and “A is related to B”.

o   “A drives B” and “A carries B” relation can be detected.

o   The related object are viewed as a column in the object list.

o   The relation can be restricted to a set of object types.

·        Ship tracking

o   Sea containers might be tracked by matching with licensed vessel tracking data. In order to achieve this, an object type (i.e. 'Sea Container') might be created which contains fields named "CARRIER_SHIP_MMSI" and type "SHIP".

o   This feature may not be available to all customers and additional license charge may apply.

·        Places

o   A reference value can be set for each object type and status. The difference is displayed on the places’ list.

·        Time zone

o   When login in, the browser time zone is checked.

·        Gatekeeper

o   A new tool for manually login the trailer when entering or leaving a place.

o   The tool can also register new trailers.

o   Published on ~/GateKeeper

·        Activities Sync

o   Automate process to import customer activities.

o   The CSV files can be imported over FTP or HTTP.

·        Tours

o   Simplified point-to-point tour creation with specific page.

·        API

o   The API was extend including features for alerts and damages.

o   New function for uploading change for activities, objects and routes.

o   Published on ~/API/


2        CHANGES

·        Paring tool

o   Creating new objects in the tool can be block in the customization.

o   The minimal battery level was change from 40% to 30%.

·        Places

o   A link was added to the view the objects in the related group.

·        Rules

o   The alert email can contain the current group sharing for the triggered object with the tag “[SHARE_LINK]”.

·        Activity

o   The activities extra fields can be imported.

o   The close report images can be viewed as thumbnails.

·        POI

o   The user can upload new icons.

·        Object list

o   The export include the object type custom fields and only the selected group.

·        Places

o   The place can be configured to count only objects which are inside the place, i.e. transit object not to be counted.

·        Dynamic groups

o   The dynamic group can be restricted to a set of objects and groups.

3        BUG FIXES

·        Tours

o   The grid columns with activities was fixed.

·        Rules

o   Deleted object or groups are no longer listed.

·        Paring Tool

o   Text were revised.

o   The transmission and GPS time were switched.

·        Map Balloon

o   The main inspection and the service odometer are correctly displayed.

·        Places

o   The 'select all' in the object selection is now working.

·        Report

o   The “Get address” function works on the report result.

·        Texts

o   Various text resources were reviewed and fixed.



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