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Release notes
Product: mecFLEET
Release Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Previous Version:



·        Activity types

o   Two new fields added to activity types: Multi Selection and Signature.

·        Places

o   Export list button added.

·        Geofence by Object Type

o   If object types (e.g. SeaContainer) provide positions then these are interpreted/used for geofences.

·        Report Generator

o   New object last position report template.

·        DOKA Tours

o   Functionality split into two tabs DOKA (Point to point) and Tours (multiple activities).

o   New role to access the tab point to point on users page.

o   List DOKA tours / activities list

2        CHANGES

·        Tour notice

o   Only load objects which user has access.

·        Tours List

o   Date filter set for today and column tour type added to grid.

·        Activity List

o   Column tour number added.

o   Default filter does not include the activities in tour.

·        Geofence

o   It is not possible anymore to delete geofences which are related to rules, activities or places.

·        Report Generator

o   List - Date time format in DE.

o   List - Report type is being filled.

o   Places reports - Only use good positions to calculate object status.

·        POIs

o   It is not possible anymore to delete POI related with rules, activities or places.

·        Web Reports

o   What you see is what you get: Export includes selected columns (except address and icon).

·        Warning about Timezone Difference at Login

o   Warning will be shown if timezone of PC and timezone of mecFLEET user settings are not the same. Please bear in mind that all object timestamps will be shown by web browser in PC timezone but user entered as well as server generated time and date settings are based on timezone according to user settings.

·        My Account

o   Consumer users which want to use 30 days trials have to fill all fields.

·        Vessel tracking

o   Unpair objects from ship by target harbor geofence.

·        Quick view

o   Column titles for last 10 places (entry and exit).

3        BUG FIXES

·        Notification

o   Notification bar bug was fixed. The link is right for both cases Point to point and Tours.

·        Geofence

o   Methods of Open Street Map were fixed (centralize, select fence on first load, click over geofence avoiding to start drawing a new one).

o   Fence route shows a message when user tries to fence route with distance smaller than the parameter.

·        Track

o   Export / list - The offline status are based on device STOP_INTERVAL * 2.

o   Refresh - Restart is working.

·        Activity

o   Change status of cancelled activities on view page is updating "Last modified date" on database, so it reflects on mecTRACE app.

·        Forgot password

o   The email is being sent to non enterprise users.

·        Group Sharing

o   The list is showing same time as scheduled.

·        Places

o   Center map and zoom.

o   Only display places that user has access.

o   Places group is working.



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