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Release notes
Product: mecFLEET
Release Date: Monday, November 30, 2015
Previous Version:



·        Activity

o   Activity grid columns and filters are persistent.

·        Scheduled Reports

o   New graphical report

·        Mobile Pairing tool

o   Objects and devices are being searched on "unpaired" accounts. Need ask to setup by MECOMO support

2        BUG FIXES

·        Tours

o   Activities grid is loading properly.

·        Users

o   Impersonate as user.

·        Report generator

o   Download list is loading reports generated.

o   Schedule column is being filled properly

·        Alerts

o   Admin is able to duplicate rules.

·        General

o   Select all / none when page has more then one grid

·        Track / Report

o   The columns state is persistent on full version mode

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